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about london feminista

Feminism and gender justice are diverse, complex and nuanced issues

-  some of which,  we will not all agree on. One thing is crystal clear, however, 

the patriarchal system is screwing us, badly, on many levels.

So, the more of us work together - in solidarity - to dismantle it, the sooner we’ll all get to enjoy

a more equitable world and the good bits life has to offer.

London Feminista is part of the wider, global feminist movement. 

It is a contemporary guide, which meanders through London 

and shines the light on, often forgotten, 

women, queer and black herstories.

It is a hub for anyone who wants a different perspective 

on London culture, events, politics and life. 

It is a feminist connection and collaborative platform 

- with guest posts and opinions from a broad range of feministas.

So whether you live in London, you're planning to visit, or you're simply curious, check it out!

I'm Anne - join me on this exciting journey into feminist London. 

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