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I'm Anne, adoptive Londoner, originally from Belgium


I came to London over 20 years ago,  spent years travelling the world -

 but landed back here, every time.

I love London more than any other place - well, most of the time!

It fascinated me as a kid when I started learning English and now, I call it home.


I’m a feminist activist & I’ve worked on women's rights issues for many years.

I'm anti-racist, acutely aware of my white privilege and always challenging injustice. 

I'm passionate about equality and fighting for change. ​

I've spent much of my professional life as a reproductive justice campaigner,

with stints in the media - TV and radio, including Woman's Hour.


I studied a Gender MSc. My dissertation research,

'speaking up! speaking out!' - exploring women's voices and pro-choice activism in Ireland  - was published in The Abortion Papers Ireland, vol. 2.


Now, I work as a women's rights advocate and I also write blogs.

In 2019, I started writing for Paris based La Guide de Voyage.

As I explored and researched feminist London, I thought

- hang on, with all this going on, why is there no actual space to connect it - 

so, I founded London Feminista.

Let's do this!

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