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Twelfth day of Feministmas! ⭐

smash the fucking patriarchy xmas

We made it – well almost - to the end of 2021! As we head towards the winter solstice amidst continued (and mounting) uncertainty, we’re probably all in need of a little extra cheer and sparkle … hope you can find something fun and festive to enjoy – a panto or a joyful show, a little merrymaking and maybe a little ethical xmas shopping … in which case you are in the right spot!

Grab yourself a glass of mulled wine, put on the feminista play list and check out this year’s treats … the feministmas market is back! 🎉 Bypass big brands and corporate villains (BOOOO), support small businesses, independent sellers, artists and artisans who deserve our support more than ever! Scroll through the gallery and shop below. Happy Resist_mas! ⭐

Clitmas cards 🌲

I was blown away when I first visited the Vagina Museum in 2019. AT LAST there was a place that was dedicated to busting myths about our beloved vulvas! It was really sad to hear that they had to vacate the Camden premises earlier this and face an uncertain future. There are many ways you can support them – buying cards is one of them … don’t forget to make a little donation. Visit the online shop right now!

Sweet dreams 😴

I came across Sleepgoddess by chance. I don’t suffer from sleepless nights … but I was curious about their products, particularly the shower mist (such a lovely way to jazz up shower time) and it’s gorgeous! I’d ordered the mint and when it arrived, I it was lavender – a smell that doesn’t agree with me. I contacted Laurelle, the founder. She was super helpful and immediately replace the product 💗 …. I’m eying up the silk pillow case next!

Feminist treats 🎁

I keep seeing Black and Beech pop up in my social media feed and they have a nice selection of stuff – feminist mittens, tops and so much more …. so you fancy a bit more of a splash, check them out … and they support Abortion Support Network – what’s not to love!

Gift a membership 🔗

gal-dem doesn’t need an introduction – but it needs your support so it can continue telling the stories of people of colour from marginalised genders. I became a member this year and love receiving their updates and discounts 🤩

Back by popular demand

Maria’s ceramic art 🧉

Maria has been creating her own work, exhibiting internationally and teaching art and ceramics, since 2002. Her ceramics aim to instil a sense of wonder, they play with a wide range of cultural influences and historical references. Nature and our relationship with our environment are also major inspirations for her work. Go check her work out in person at the Ceramic Pop Up: 14 to 23 December, Space Studios, 129 Mare Street, London E8 3RH.

Eva’s prints 📷

Eva is a lens-based artist and educator who lives and works in London. Her photographic series are a visual inquiry into widely overlooked architectural elements. Like an urban archaeologist, she decodes the language of mundane spaces, tracing cultural and historical references through layers of time. Find some stunning limited editions on her insta.

Heza’s sustainable fashion 👕

Five years ago, having spent years as a graphic specialist and designing women’s wear, Heza founded a sustainable lifestyle brand. He uses environmentally friendly materials and a rich colour pallet to create stunning minimal prints on beautifully made sweatshirts – just what you need to keep you snuggly over winter. Find your favourite online today!

Oriana’s drawings 🎨

Oriana is a self-taught illustrator based in London, originally from Italy - digital campaigner by day, artist by night. Pen is her favourite medium, though sometimes she likes to spice things up with a bit of watercolour – the perfect combination of control and letting go. She uses drawing as a way to reflect and make sense of her thoughts and the world around her. Visit her etsy shop.

For all things bookish 📚

Closing the year with a festive wish list we can all sing along to:

On the twelfth feministmas

My true love gave to me

Fair rights and wages

Reproductive freedom

No victim blaming

No body shaming

No bullshit diets

Gender bias broken

Shame free breastfeeding


Proud working mums

Male allies

No tampon tax

And a grope-free Christmas party!

See you in 2022! 🎇


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