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Happy feminist_mas!

Well hello December! Many of us have been waiting for you so we can finally begin to close the door on 2020.

I’m always a bit torn about December – also my birthday month. The glitter, lights and sparkle – I LOVE. The consumerism and waste – I LOATHE. This year, with the pandemic dominating our lives, it’s likely to be a more contemplation than cheer.

Covid-19 has laid bare and exacerbated existing inequalities, affecting poor, minoritised and racialised women the most. The virus is also leading to an epidemic of loneliness, especially among the elderly. Even as the lockdown eases, social distancing rules means it is likely to be a tough, sobering end of year …. more Bah Humbug than Ho Ho Ho. And without the silly pantos, festive gatherings, carol singers and other merrymaking, I’m starting to wonder it will feel like Christmas at all?

Oh yes it will!

Grab yourself a mince pie, a glass of mulled wine, turn up the cheesy festive tunes and get ready to browse – the Feminist_mas Market is here!

This Christmas we’re doing a special shout out to small businesses, independent sellers, artists and artisans who, unlike the big corporates lining their pockets with gold, deserve all the support we can give them …. all year round.

Scroll through the gallery 🔺 and shop below 🔻

Five years ago, having spent years as a graphic specialist and designing women’s wear, Heza founded a sustainable lifestyle brand. He uses environmentally friendly materials and a rich colour pallet to create stunning minimal prints on beautifully made sweatshirts – just what you need to keep you snuggly over winter. For more design also check Heza's insta page.

Maria has been creating her own work, exhibiting internationally and teaching art and ceramics, since 2002. Her ceramics aim to instil a sense of wonder, they play with a wide range of cultural influences and historical references. Nature and our relationship with our environment are also major inspirations for her work. Create a festive atmosphere with one of her gorgeous little cat chimeneas - check out her insta page.

Oriana is a self-taught illustrator based in London, originally from Italy - digital campaigner by day, artist by night. Pen is her favourite medium, though sometimes she likes to spice things up with a bit of watercolour – the perfect combination of control and letting go. She uses drawing as a way to reflect and make sense of her thoughts and the world around her. Orianadraws - a beautiful gift for someone special.

Laurane hand-embroiders lovely berets, with love in London. The berets are lush and plush, they will keep your ears and your head warm. They will make you look effortlessly cool and jaded, with just the right amount of twee thrown into the mix. Hopeless hats for hopeless times, perfect to embody the spirit of 2020!

Eva is a lens-based artist and educator who lives and works in London. Her photographic series are a visual inquiry into widely overlooked architectural elements. Like an urban archaeologist, she decodes the language of mundane spaces, tracing cultural and historical references through layers of time. She will be selling some stunning limited and open editions on her insta.

London-based Belgian designer Jelka founded Black Lune after graduating from the Royal College of art in 2013. With the desire to make art jewellery interesting and wearable Jelka turned to an unconventional material and design process. The jewellery pieces are made by laser cutting off-cuts of industrial rubber. The result is stunning!

Christmas stocking fillers

  • Gorgeous knitted Frida Kahlo mini pot plant covers by Matri

  • Stay safe, design your own feminist mask, by Richie

For all things bookish

And for things flowery, check out Sophie's beautiful wreaths and frames & if you are looking for some inspiration to make your own xmas wreath - look up florettte flowers

(T.W. violence against women and girls)

A time for solidarity and compassion

The ‘16 days of activism to end violence against women and girls’, which culminate with International Human Rights Day on 10 December, have provided us with a start reminder of the significant increase in violence. For women trapped indoors with their abuser, Christmas is a difficult period, at the best of times … this year doesn’t bear thinking – especially with services on the brink. If you can – please consider supporting the work of a grassroots women’s rights organisations - all of these do amazing work: Sistah Space, Imkaan, South Hall Black Sisters and Solace Women Aid.


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